Why Wait Coach

Hi, I am Kerry, a purpose and mindset Jay Shetty Certified Coach.

Being a professional in the communication sector for over 18 years, I  reached a point where I needed to put into action my Purpose, helping people become the best version of themselves.

I am here to help people release their potential and overcome self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs that hold them from living a fulfilled life.

Within my coaching approach, I use powerful and scientific tools that help people 

  • Clarify purpose
  • Cultivate a growth-oriented mindset
  • Create sustainable change
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Build resilience and Increase confidence
  • Set and Achieve goals
  • Enhance communication skills that impact personal and professional relationships
  • Develop an I can/ I am worth attitude

So if you find yourself carrying beliefs or behaviors limiting your growth, I can help you achieve your maximum potential!

Act Now

My coaching approach

They say that the hardest journey in life is 30cm long, the one between your mind and your soul. I will add to that, that perceptions and fears influence the delay of OUR journey. But guess what? You still own the ticket to that journey!

What if we all acted with the same truthfulness, boldness, self-esteem, healthy self-interest, and let's do it mindset as our 5-year-old selves?

As a mindset, purpose, and clarity coach, I support people at their most vulnerable and constructive ages of their lives and make their life book a page turner.

Way to growth

  • I will assist you in developing clarity while exhibiting self-compassion and focusing on things that inspire you to work towards your true goals.
  • I will empower you as a whole-hearted person and help you focus on strengths and things that you already own and want to achieve.
  • I will create an approach that works at your pace and help you gradually build confidence while taking small steps towards your goal, nothing seems that big when you get near it!
  • I will use powerful tools and innovative scientific methods to intrigue your interest and enhance your awareness of self.
  • I will help you reach out to what matters and values to YOU, without fear of self-judgment and complexities that adults grapple with.

So, why wait for the perfect weather to take that step toward your life’s journey?

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership on equal footing with the client. A coach perceives the client as a whole individual who's resourceful, complete, and doesn't need fixing.  A coach offers guidance to clients in solving issues and provides them with successful techniques to achieve them. A coach assists clients achieve self-driven changes and communicates well with them.  A coach builds rapport in a secure, nonjudgmental environment.

A coach keeps a forward-thinking momentum, acknowledges clients for their efforts, and encourages them to reflect on their path and all their accomplishments.

When coaching, a coach puts the client's interests first and protects the client's autonomy and dignity.

What differentiates coaching from other professions?

Coach vs Therapist

  • Both coaches and therapists want to move their clients forward but their focus is different.
  • Life coaches focus more on self-empowerment and on positive personal potential rather than problems or dysfunctions.

Coach vs Consultant

  • Consultants are subject matter experts who resolve a problem or implement a solution for you.
  • Consultants manage activities on behalf of their clients.
  • Coaches help clients figure out their own solutions and teach them techniques to do this effectively.
  • Where a consultant is responsible for the outcome, with coaching, the client is responsible for their own success.

Coach vs Mentor

  • A mentor guides a mentee from a similar position but more advanced in terms of experience or age.
  • A mentor is a trusted advisor who wants to bring the mentee up to where he or she is at the time by using their learning experience while a coach does not necessarily have to have experience in the same area that the client is in.
  • A coach does not advise a client what to do but help them to remove obstacles and find the answers themselves.